ABOUT - LeKeisha Nicole
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LeKeisha Nicole, Goal Closer, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and MS ambassador.

LeKeisha is the owner of Ambition Magazine and Ambitious & Annoyed, as well as co-owner of Transformers Fitness. She is also working to launch the Move Silent campaigned focused on those living with multiple sclerosis.

Ambition Magazine is a lifestyle publication supporting the many facets of professionals while providing a heavy focus of support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Ambitious and Annoyed is a creative resource firm, focused on goal setting and organization. Transformers Fitness is a group fitness organization supporting women on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

LeKeisha has two solo publications, Relationships v. Ambition, previously known as Be Ambitious: Business Relationships and The Ambitious Start (coming 1st quarter 2019). She has also been featured in two anthologies, The Wait of Success and She Dreams in Real Life.

LeKeisha is a proud native and resident of Dayton, OH. She is an alumna of Ohio University and soon to be of the University of Maryland (2019).