Move Silent Campaign - LeKeisha Nicole
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Move Silent Campaign

The Move Silent campaign is my personal campaign to raise awareness and funding for the National Multiple Sclerosis society, specifically the Ohio Valley chapter.

The campaign will be an annual one that will consist of a couple of events. In this inaugural year we will be focusing on two events a challenge and  a virtual move.

The Move Silent challenge will be $35. 2019 dates coming soon. The profits will go to the Ohio Valley chapter. For the $35 cost you will receive an challenge t-shirt and entry into a 3 month wellness challenge. One of the hardest things about transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is feeling like you are changing everything overnight. I know this first hand. So as I work on myself and do all the things I know work, I am also going to mix it up a little bit and try something new. Throughout the course of the three months we are going to work on changing the three key factors in living a healthier lifestyle, mindset, diet and fitness. These things will be worked on gradually with the intent to develop longstanding habits versus quick bursts of healthy behavior.

You will be added to a support group to ask questions and discuss the good and bad days. The week before the challenge begins you will be sent more information regarding resources that can help you successfully complete the challenge.

Move Silent Move will be a virtual move event similar to a virtual 5k. We will gather together virtually and move to raise funds and awareness for MS. Why not a 5k? Many of those who live and fight MS are not able to complete a 5k so they are not able to actually participate in certain events. While I know the virtual move will still have it’s limitations, it is more inclusive. Signups will begin in June and we will have a variety of activities listed (running, walking, cycling, water aerobics, fitness classes, etc.) or you can share one of your liking with us.

If you have any further questions, email for more details.